Cuttind and recipe calculation with optimization
Deboning calculation with optimization
- N - level decomposition tree structure
- With integrated cost center calculation
- Batch calculation
- Target costing
- Minute or unit cost
- Recipe calculation
- With BEFFE optimization
- Product costing
- Multi-level store costing
- Automatic calculation of all recipes in one pass
- Cost center accounting
- Connection Manager
- Semifinished product calculation
Exact illustration of where costs are incurred and where they are assigne
- Prevent bottlenecks
- Support in batch calculation for the production
- Low effort - great economic impact
- Clear calculation structure
- Integrated target costing for more scope
- Flexible data acquisition with low loss of time
- calculate cost centers as provided by the managment
consultant, but here creatable
- Partial and full cost accounting, in order to exhaust all ways
- Recipe and dissection optimization for best prices
Simple and intuitive to use, with full integration too COMSYS WINplus+,
the comprehensive ERP colution