Company history:
1984 - 1989
Foundation of the software company COMSYS by P. Stephan
First version of the industy pckage for meat processing companies
as DOS version for monochrome screens (1st generation)
Expansion to inventory management
First wholesale goods outlet
Empties management for buying and selling
First complete merchandise management system with calculation and
word processing under DOS (2nd generation). Written with one
relational database language for colored screens
Network version with unlimited user count
Windows 3.1
1990 - 1995
Extension of the calculation by the factors of the cost centers
Industry packages implemented with the latest relational database language
Word processing and spreadsheet for inventory management
version 3.0 of industry packages released
First Windows version with 16 BIT. graphical surface
resolution  640 x 480 pixels
Fully automatic vehicle driver for all industrial scale attachments
Networt-enabled and device-driver independence is introduced
Sorting systems developed with scale and transport container control
Full 32 bit Windows version for Windows 95 (3rd generation)
Same interface in all industry packages
ERP - merchandise management, costing, balance system controls,
device controls and device monitoring
Use of the fastest relational database alnguage as a succesor
the DOS -version
Windows 95
1996 - 2000
renamed industry package to plus series business server
Expansion with the business server COMSYS SCHLACHTplus+
and COMSYS VIEHplus+
First foreign plant for logistics put into operation
For the first time, it is possible to carry out all operations in a single
operation keeping livestock up to the counter with the business servers
Release of the business server for beef labeling COMSYS LABELplus+
Version 4.0 (4th generation) of the plus series business server released
1st version hardware intriduced in the market
SCHLACHTplus+ to the fully integrated slaughter and
veterinary terminals expanded
Windows XP
2001 - 2005
current balance system connected
Extension of the business server with COMSYS CRMplus+ (Customer
Relationship Management), LABELplus+ (fully automatic control)
and ECplus+
First shop connection with eCOMMERCEplus+
Track control introduced in SCHLACHTplus+
Introduction of batch tracing with the business server
LABELplus+ extended by DCOM interface for BIZERBA fully
automatic machines
5th generation of plus series business server on the market
Windows VISTA
2006 - 2010
School version of WINplus+, AKplus+ and CRVplus+ at specialist
and specialized schools in use
LOVE intriduced as a comprehensive logistics and warehouse management
First russian version for WINplus+ and SCHLACHTplus+ installed
in russia
Connecting TAPI devices to plus series business servers
Large version of CRVplus+ released with semi-fabrication stages
Version 6.0 of all plus series business servers released
Windows 7
2011 - 2016
Log management for IFS operations according to the latest standards
complete production and administration management for
company presented
C:E:S introduced as a solution with hardware and software for labeling
C:E:S with approvol as a free-label labeling delivered to the latest LMIV
CRMplus+ with active components for communication management in
the company
Version 7.0 of all plus series business servers released
In WVBplus+ integrated all requirements of GoBD
All plus series business servers switched to version 8.0 and with
completely new sufrace structure released
Win 10
2017 - Heute
COMSYS SCHLACHTplus+ for large-scale slaughterhouses with the
newest slaughter method installed
plus series business server as a two-tier solution on the market
Data protection ordinance (DSGVO) in the new 9th generation in
integrated with all plus series business servers
Winner Top 100 Award
Presentation of the Top 100 Award by Ranga Yogeshwar
Version 10 4mobileWindow-solution presented
Winner of Enterprise Mobility Award in silver for solution
Development of Cavometer Measured 4.0 automatic slaughter
animal assessment
COMSYS stainless steel-rack-version-2019 presented
New C:E:S - rack and CESplus+
IFFA 2019
Presentation Measured 4.0 on IFFA 2019
Mobility 4.0 integrated solution
Relocation to the new company building with 450 m² of office space